Forget Flat Earthers, People Now Believe That Earth Is Actually Shaped Like A Donut

The shape of planet Earth has been under discussion since ancient times. 

Since then it has become a fierce debate among those who believe they have found the answer to this apparent unknown. There is no shortage of disputes between supporters of the flat earth and those who support the round version. But it seems that a group that is growing more and more has been added to this debate, believers in the theory that the Earth is actually donut-shaped.

Artist's demonstration of donut shaped earth

Where did the idea for the Donut Earth come from?

The explanation of the existence of our planet as a flat surface is quite old, then science came to clarify what is the true shape of our planet, which is geoid. However, these debates have recently been added to the idea that the planet is a toroid. But where did such an approach come from?

The theory that says that the Earth is shaped like a donut.

It seems that the donut-Earth theory arose a few years ago as part of a hoax on a flat-Earther website called the Flat Earth Society. It was in 2008 when the idea that the Earth could have the shape of a toroid instead of being a geoid was launched on the web. And although it arose as a joke, little by little it has gained more defenders, despite the fact that in itself it seems a somewhat far-fetched theory.

From that year to date, videos explaining why the Earth is a toroid have flooded the net, so the idea spread among those who were willing to listen. A large community now defends this theory and has its own arguments to resolve any doubts about it.

A hole invisible by the curvature of light

The pioneer member of the web page that defends the donated Earth is the user Varaug, who has been asked on different occasions about some doubts about physical theories that do not quite fit with the toroid shape. 

For example, you have been asked why the hole in the center of the donut has never been discovered. His answer is simple “light bends and follows the curvature of the toroid (donut), making the hole 'invisible'”.

He was also asked about the dynamics of day and night. Since by moving away from the idea of ​​the geoid Earth, the vision of light and darkness completely changes. Varaug replied: “He places a torch horizontally on a table and lights it. Now, he gets a donut and lays it on its side, with the hole perpendicular to the torch. The side that is lit by the torch is daytime,” explains Varaug.  

Regarding gravity, Varaug said that gravity would act the same as in an RE (Round Earth) model. “Gravity acts as it does in a model and people are drawn to large masses. Imagine a jam donut. Gravity acts towards the jam,” says Varaug.

Actually, there are photographs of the Earth, which have proven on more than one occasion that the planet is really geoid. She's also not round, since she's more like a tangerine than a ball, but she's definitely not a donut.

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